Teacher Assistant


I am Bindu Raghavendra. Everyone calls me Ms. Raghavendra or Ms. Ragha. I am in San Diego since 2008. I have a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in science from India. I worked in the accounting field for 2 years and in the IT field for more than 6 years. I used to volunteer in my kids’ school as an art crop teacher and a media center assistant. I was a Science Olympiad coach for a few years. This made me to enter the teaching profession. I am more passionate to teach young children. I went to Miramar college to peruse my career in early childhood education. I am working towards getting a California teaching permit.  I have worked as a lab student for a few months in the Miramar Child Development Center, which is one of NAEYCs. I like to go walking around Miramar lake. I like to do crocheting, knitting and sewing in my spare time. I have 14 years and 8 years old daughters.