Montessori Program for Remote Learners (1st – 6th grade)

With many families continuing to learn at home for the time being, Kinderhouse Montessori School is offering an opportunity for children to have a Montessori experience through our remote learning program.

The Montessori Environment at Home

We create a classroom environment through a variety of socially interactive sessions. Using Zoom, we will have large group sessions, small group lessons, one-on-one meetings with teachers for individualized instruction.

With activities that encourage independence and creativity, we adapt the Montessori philosophy to fit a remote program format. From research projects to learn about historical figures to science projects using household items, and much more. We cover a varied curriculum and ensure that children have an active learning experience at home while connecting with peer and teachers.

Montessori Guides Trained in Remote Learning Techniques

Our guides are certified Montessorians who are experienced in teaching children with the Montessori method via remote learning. Specially trained in leading classes on Zoom and Google classroom, our staff understands how to lead groups using the latest remote learning technologies in an effective manner that ensures a quality learning experience for each child.

Technical Requirements

Children must have access to a fast and reliable internet connection (minimum of 100 megabits download and 10 megabits upload) and a computer with a web camera and microphone. Chromebooks are an inexpensive option that are adequate for your child’s needs.

If you are interested in an online program and do not have a reliable connection, we do have Verizon Hotspots available at an additional cost. The hotspots work well if you have two or more bars of Verizon signal in the room your child will be learning.

For more information about our Montessori-based, remote learning program and if it will be a good fit for your child, please see: Is an online only school option right for my child?