Teacher Assistant

Ms. Aguayo, who has a degree in Education from Instituto México de Baja California, taught in Mexico’s public schools for over thirty years before joining the KHM community. Ms. Aguayo’s love for children is very clear given all of her experience and years working to help improve and educate the lives of the youth population. Ms. Aguayo taught at Kinderhouse a few years ago and had to leave when her personal life took her to a different city. After two years of running and operating her own daycare, she moved back and returned to the place she enjoys working the most to be a teacher. Ms. Aguayo loves to work with the students because she gets to witness and help their development which occurs daily and right in front of her eyes.

Ms. Aguayo is extremely nurturing and caring and takes care of not only students at KHM, but the teachers too! To relax in her downtime, Ms. Aguayo cooks and sews.