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Parent Testimonial

My daughter is currently attending the toddler program at Kinderhouse Montessori on Flanders Rd. Here’s why I like it:
1. My daughter is well cared for and is learning every day. I go to work each day secure in the knowledge that my daughter is happy at school, and is looked after and taught by responsible, caring staff.
2. I view the principal and teachers as a resource to help us raise our daughter. For example: when we want to start something new, such as potty training, or when we want to help my daughter stop nonconstructive behaviors, we discuss approaches and move forward on the same page.
3. The school genuinely has the best interests of the child at heart and the policies are created with the child’s best interests in mind.
4. The school holds parent seminars to share Montessori practices, for parent education, and to help parents better connect with the teachers and vice-versa.
5. It is a multi-cultural environment and the school celebrates this aspect of the student community.