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Toileting is a learning process in which a young child learns how to control their bowel and bladder and use the bathroom for elimination. Toilet learning is a natural process and should be done at a pace the child is comfortable with. This process cannot be directed and controlled by the adult (aka as toilet […]

The Importance of Learning New Languages

“Once the child can speak, he can express himself and no longer depends on others to guess his needs. He finds himself in touch with human society, for people can only communicate by means of language. Very soon afterward at one year of age, the child begins to walk….So man develops by stages, and the […]

Freedom with Limits

“The child is the spiritual builder of mankind, and obstacles to his free development are the stones in the wall by which the soul of man has become imprisoned.” – Maria Montessori Freedom by definition is the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want. The difficulty lies in realizing exactly what it is […]

Montessori Materials Flow

Primary to Elementary, Concrete to Abstract Inspired by Aristotle and John Locke, Dr. Montessori believed that nothing could exist in the intellect that did not first exist in the senses. One of the hallmarks of Montessori education is the elegant materials, designed to lead children from concrete to abstract representations of a variety of ideas.The […]

The Montessori Three-Year Cycle and the Importance of the Third Year

The three-year multi-age Montessori classroom is not an arbitrary configuration of convenience, but an implementation of the “planes of development,” or four distinct periods of growth: 0-6 years; 6-12 years; 12-18 years; and 18-24 years. Dr. Montessori, along with other developmental scientists, observed that the child’s development follows a path of successive stages, each with […]

Positive Communication with Children

We hear about ineffective communication all the time, and many of us have experienced it directly at one point or another. Communication can make or break relationships. It can lead to failures or successes in the work place and can create or clear up misunderstandings. Communication is a skill that takes practice and is a […]

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