AMI Recognized Montessori Programs for Elementary, Primary, and Toddlers in San Diego, California

Kinderhouse Montessori has created a recognized, top-quality approach that parents can rely on to educate their children. Our teachers are all AMI diploma holders. We provide children with a solid foundation on which they will be able to build their life. If you are planning a visit to the school, please first.


About Us

Since 2001, Kinderhouse has been providing top-quality, AMI Certified Montessori Education to Elementary, Primary, and Toddler aged children in San Diego. We believe that all students deserve an education that provides them with a solid foundation from which they can build their lives. Everyday, and with every child, we commit ourselves to providing that foundation. Our dedication to Montessori makes us more than just a ‘daycare’ or child care provider. For all students, we focus on not only providing the best care and safety, but also guiding our students to academic success using Montessori methods.

About Montessori

At Kinderhouse, our teachers, administration, and parents are wholly committed to staying true to the Montessori educational program. The Montessori methodology was developed over a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori and based on her research and observation of children’s learning tendencies as they unfolded in prepared environments. The prepared environment is structured to maximize a child’s independent learning and exploration. The Montessori methodology offers a unique, natural approach that allows children to choose their interests. Low student:teacher ratio allows the teacher to work one on one with each child, support natural development, and spark interest.

Our Programs and Basic Principles

We offer Elementary, Primary, and Toddler programs in San Diego (Sorrento Valley). All of our head teachers hold AMI diplomas in addition to Bachelor’s degrees. Many teachers also have their Master’s in Education. We enroll new students throughout the school year, and also provide summer sessions and holiday care. To receive more information about enrollment or before planning a visit to the school, please contact us to schedule a tour.

Kinderhouse Montessori School has four basic principles against which all actions are measured:

  • Provide the best education possible
  • Treat the children as individuals allowing for natural growth and progress
  • Follow the Montessori philosophy
  • Treat all employees with the utmost respect